Ol' Smokey

This is it. The coolest guitar ever made. The handiwork of guitar artisan (guitartisan?) Erik Smith of Crow Hill Guitars. It quite simply does not get any better.

So wild, it actually killed all the other animals in this photo.  

Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top, Ambrosia Maple back & sides, Black & White Ebony fretboard featuring fanned frets and mother of pearl inlays-- this guitar has it all and plays like a dream... specifically, a dream about an awesome acoustic guitar.

Made with real bits of bear, so you know it's good.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Gibson, Martin... I'd like to cordially invite you all to suck it. Suck those fret inlays. Taylor? Who's she?

I'm pretty sure Erik gnawed the top sound hole out himself.

Now, there may be countless individuals who can play better than me (hint: there are), but none of them plays a better guitar. The action, the speed of the neck... heck, it even smells good.

Ambrosia maple wood: made with real bits of ambrosia, so you know it's good.

Life's too short to play ugly guitars.

Check out more of Erik's fine work over at www.crowhillguitars.com.