My Radioactive Friend

In the immortal words of The Gap Band, "You dropped a bomb on me, baby." This guitar survived a nuclear blast.  

Nukes will do a number on that sea foam green finish.

Named for the single featured on our full-length album, it's a Frankenstein of parts I scrounged together.  

Geiger counter not included.

The body is a cheap overstock from a Japanese tele manufacturer and the strat-style neck is a one-off from some guy who sells on eBay. I literally just took a blowtorch to it to achieve the burned out look. I replaced the stock pickups with a Lollar Royal T for the neck and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity II in the bridge. It's noisy, but has surprisingly good tone. In fact, it was originally a just-for-fun build, but I like the tone so much that it's become my full time backup. It also features a Wilkinson bridge and gold & silver-plated Sperzel locking tuners.

Nothing says "Tone" like a cold-war era caution sign.

A loyal, if dangerous friend, this tele will be around for a while. Well, at least 'til the next bomb drops.

- D-Tuck