It’s the Beard, Man!

So-- before we can get into the drum gear that I use we need to discuss the man behind the gear... the man behind the facial hair!

(In other words we haven’t taken pics of my gear yet, but they're coming soon!)

God did not bless me with luscious locks of hair on my head.  But he did make up for it by giving me thick, dark facial hair.  Here are some of my favorite looks throughout the years...

1. Old Faithful.  This is just a good old fashion beard.  It’s my mainstay.  But every now and then I have the need to get creative.

2. This is the trusty Handlebar Stache, a favorite amongst bikers and professional arm wrestlers.

3. I call this one “The Fingers” in honor of pitching great Rollie Fingers.

4.  Channel your inner Amerigo Vespucci or Marco Polo when dawning The Explorer!  

5. “Law don’t go round here, savvy?”  The Lawdog.

6.  The Dirty Trucker is one of my favorites!

7.  Last but not least: The Ambrose.  In loving memory of the man from which we get the term “sideburns", Ambrose Burnside.