the greatest hits


Slow Down Scarlett: The Band

Courtney King - Vocals, Flute
Andy Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
Dylan Tucker - Lead Guitar
Brady Baker - Bass Guitar, BGV
Danny Walls - Thundermaker (drums)

We're just some guys and a gal who love to play music.  Simple as that.  

While Slow Down Scarlett is new to the scene, we've known each other and played together for years.  But when we decided to start writing original music, we agreed to do so on one condition: that all of our songs sound different.  Familiar, sure, but variety is the name of the game.  Our LP reflects that goal.  You get a little southern twang, some driven pop, some dirty rock, and a little spanish spice.  That's what Jambalaya Rock is all about-- several ingredients coming together for a delicious musical meal.

We're pretty goofy.  Our shows are a lot of fun.  We think that's reflected in the music.  We hope that's reflected in the music-- because the moment we start to take ourselves too seriously is the moment that we've lost touch... and that's something we simply cannot do.

The last year has brought both change and growth.  Brady's been our bass player for a while now, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.  We recorded and mixed our own album.  Turns out, it's harder than it looks.  We've been refining our live show and began writing new material for the next album (there's gonna be an original Motown-style song...).

So please, enjoy the LP, check out the pics, and come see us at a local show.  We know you'll have as much fun listening as we do playing.  You might even get a glimpse at what's coming up on our NEXT album...




LP Album Cover-1.jpg

The Greatest Hits

by Slow Down Scarlett

Our debut LP!

All songs recorded and mixed by our very own Dylan Tucker.


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We're gonna be on TV! Watch Andy and Courtney compete on 'song stage'