Gen. George S. Stratton

My dream was to build a guitar that's as tonally versatile as possible while keeping it's good looks. I believe I've accomplished that.


Rather than a traditional 3-way or 5-way switch, I gave each pickup a DPDT on-off-on toggle switch. This allows each pickup (2 Dimarzio Area single coils and an Air Norton mini-humbucker) to be on, off, in-phase, or out-of-phase with the other pickups, giving me complete control over the tone. Needless to say, this was a pain to wire (a half-finished job I gladly handed over to a good friend and capable technician, the late Sean Schultz).  

If gold was good enough for baby Jesus, it's good enough for me.

The swamp ash body and flame maple single-piece neck from Warmoth pair up for some delicious harmonic overtones. The floating bridge allows for dives and vibrato. I find whammy bars cumbersome, so I opt to simply pull on the bridge for such effects.  

Dad's taxidermy shop, birthplace of General Stratton.

Every piece of hardware on it is gold or gold-plated, including the frets and screws. The strap is 100% deer hide crafted by my father, Steven Tucker.  

This is a guitar George Patton would proudly be caught playing.

Just like Old Blood n Guts, this guitar is versatile, strong-willed, and just a little bit flashy. 

- D-Tuck