Andy's Amps

I run my guitars through two amps: a Marshall Class 5 and a Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb. Both are all tube class A amplifiers which have all of the sounds and characteristics of the classic vintage tone of the 60’s and 70’s.

Best of both worlds.

When looking for amplifiers, I specifically chose amps that were lower wattage for two reasons:  1) so as not to disturb the neighbors without compromising tone and 2) their ability to get crunchy, overdriven sound when cranked up. I initially picked up the Marshall to be a simple home/bedroom amplifier for practicing and studio use. As I played it, it became clear that even at 5 watts it packs a punch that is gig-worthy. Cranked to 10, it delivers a sweet British tone that is reminiscent of the vintage Marshall amps of the 70’s

Cranked to 11, man.

I bought the Fender Deluxe Reverb for a pure clean tone that would work with my pedalboard and to have a bigger sounding amplifier. It drew me in with distinct 70’s “silverface” look and its differentiated “vintage and “custom” channels. It’s a great all around amp that handles any pedal I throw at it with ease.

My amplifiers have beautiful natural distortion when really pushed and clean up quite nicely when rolled back. For larger gigs, I’ll use both amps through a stereo delay to get a deeper, fuller sound. At smaller gigs I lean more towards the versatile and cleaner Fender. These amplifiers have proven to be very reliable and I've been happy happy happy with them both.